Top Benefits of doing regular exercise

Regular exercise As we all know exercise is beneficial to health. Sometimes we manage to find excuses to avoid exercise or think of the thousands of times that do not make them a part of your routine. But we are trying to tell you, The advantages of exercise, knowing that you’ll find no excuses for it. Also Read, Top ten Tips for weight loss very easily and effectively Exercise helps to control blood pressure, high blood pressure can be reduced to approximately 75 percent by exercising routinely. Exercise keeps our muscles healthy, and improves the blood flow in the body,…

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Some funny facts about the girls and the boys you should know

Girls and boys funny facts Sometimes boys and girls are so different that they seem to be part of distinct species. It’s a wonder how come we can live together and more than that, we can really love each other so much. This is one of the most beautiful paradoxes of people’s life. And it would be really boring if things were different than they are. Men and women are meant to complete each other. And all those differences between us are sometimes really funny. Just take a look at the following ones When a boy is quiet he is listening to…

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मजबूत पासवर्ड कैसे बनाया जाए और आसानी से याद रखा जाय


मजबूत पासवर्ड कैसे बनाया जाए ? आज जहाँ विशव में सब कुछ डिजिटल होता जा रहा है वहीं इसके कुछ खतरे भी सामने आने लगे हैं जिन में हैकिंग प्रमुख है। हैकर्स हैकिंग की मदद से आपका सारा डाटा चुरा लेते हैं और उसका गलत उपयोग करते हैं। आपने आय दिन सुना होगा कभी किसी कलाकार की कोई आई डी हैक हो जाती है तो कभी कोई सरकारी वैबसाइट। जादातर हैकर्स हैकिंग पासवर्ड चोरी या कहें क्रेक कर के करते हैं। और ये जादातर वो ही अकाउंट हैक करते हैं जिनका पासवर्ड बहुत छोटा या आसान होता है। जादातर लोग…

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