Green tea benefits and its loss on daily consumption

Green tea has many good properties and easily available in the market and mostly it is used to reduce obesity but there are many harms as well as benefits of drinking green today I will explain here some harms and benefits of drinking green tea that one should always keep in mind before drinking it.


Catechins, Theobromine, Carotene, Fluoride, iron, magnesium, calcium, strontium, copper, nickel, Tannin, Theophylline, Fat, Saponins, Caffeine, Molybdenum, vitamin C, vitamins A, B1, B12, Phosphorus,

Best Time To Drink Green Tea

  • More in summer, less in winter
  • Not as your early morning cup
  • Two hours before or after a meal
  • At least two hours before bedtime
  • Two to three cups a day is the limit
  • Regular consumption coupled with exercise aids weight loss

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Benefits of green tea

  • By intake of Green tea, diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels are reduced
  • Green tea lowers harmful cholesterol in the body and Maintains the level of beneficial cholesterol.
  • Green Tea increases the body’s metabolism by which Extra body fat is reduced and helps in weight loss.
  • Green tea kills cancer viruses and Maintains the essential elements in the body.
  • Green tea contains caffeine, which kills germs in teeth and makes teeth stronger.
  • Green tea contains anti-aging ingredients Which reduce facial wrinkles And face brightness and freshness are retained.
  • Green Tea also contains theanine which is composed of amino acids it Maintains freshness in the body and helps to overcome fatigue and refreshes the mind. How to control High blood pressure read here

Loss of green tea

  • Green Tea reduces sleep.
  • An overdose of green tea may cause trouble in the liver and kidneys.
  • Green tea is also harmful to those women who want to conceive.
  • Green Tea is very harmful to pregnant women.
  • Regular intake of Green tea makes you habitual of it and when you do not get green tea your mind becomes irritable.

Knowing the benefits and loss of green tea you should decide whether to drink it or not. If you are taking tea daily So you can easily replace it with green tea, Two cups of green tea a day will not harm the body ever and Along with weight loss, it also delivers the energy to the body.

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